Retrieves your activation data (activation_bytes) from Audible servers. Using project instead is recommended.

Updated 2 years ago

Fast, multi-platform web server with automatic HTTPS

Updated 2 days ago

Automatic HTTPS for any Go program: fully-managed TLS certificate issuance and renewal

Updated 2 days ago

Native Music Player for Jellyfin

Updated 3 months ago

Git with a cup of tea, painless self-hosted git service

Updated 7 hours ago

The Free Software Media System

Updated 3 hours ago

Android Client for Jellyfin

Updated 2 days ago

Android TV Client for Jellyfin

Updated 20 hours ago

Hugo Source for Jellyfin Website

Updated 8 months ago

Axios client and TypeScript typings for Jellyfin, the free media server

Updated 8 months ago

Documentation for Jellyfin

Updated 8 months ago

Expo Client for Jellyfin

Updated 1 week ago

FFmpeg for Jellyfin

Updated 4 days ago

Generated Files for Jellyfin Website

Updated 8 months ago

Jellyfin Plugin for Kodi

Updated 6 days ago

MPV-based desktop and cast client for Jellyfin (Unofficial)

Updated 2 days ago

Rework and improvement of the Jellyfin website and user documentation

Updated 5 hours ago

Roku Client for Jellyfin

Updated 6 hours ago

Kotlin SDK for Jellyfin

Updated 15 hours ago

Jellyfin SDK for Swift 5 generated using the OpenAPI generator

Updated 2 months ago