Web Client for Jellyfin
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Jellyfin Web

Part of the Jellyfin Project

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GPL 2.0 License Current Release Translation Status
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Jellyfin Web is the frontend used for most of the clients available for end users, such as desktop browsers, Android, and iOS. We welcome all contributions and pull requests! If you have a larger feature in mind please open an issue so we can discuss the implementation before you start. Translations can be improved very easily from our Weblate instance. Look through the following graphic to see if your native language could use some work!

Detailed Translation Status

Build Process


  • Node.js
  • npm (included in Node.js)

Getting Started

  1. Clone or download this repository.

    git clone https://github.com/jellyfin/jellyfin-web.git
    cd jellyfin-web
  2. Install build dependencies in the project directory.

    npm install
  3. Run the web client with webpack for local development.

    npm start
  4. Build the client with sourcemaps available.

    npm run build:development

Directory Structure

└── src
    ├── apps
    │   ├── experimental  # New experimental app layout
    │   └── stable        # Classic (stable) app layout
    ├── assets            # Static assets
    ├── components        # Higher order visual components and React components
    ├── controllers       # Legacy page views and controllers 🧹
    ├── elements          # Basic webcomponents and React wrappers 🧹
    ├── hooks             # Custom React hooks
    ├── legacy            # Polyfills for legacy browsers
    ├── libraries         # Third party libraries 🧹
    ├── plugins           # Client plugins
    ├── routes            # React routes/pages
    ├── scripts           # Random assortment of visual components and utilities 🐉
    ├── strings           # Translation files
    ├── styles            # Common app Sass stylesheets
    ├── themes            # CSS themes
    ├── types             # Common TypeScript interfaces/types
    └── utils             # Utility functions
  • 🧹 — Needs cleanup
  • 🐉 — Serious mess (Here be dragons)