Use Subsonic clients with Jellyfin
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⚠ No longer maintained.

Although not a direct replacement, I've since moved onto syncing an Opus version of my entire library to my devices using harmonize and Syncthing.

Contact me if you're interested in maintaining this.

A shim to use Subsonic clients with Jellyfin

Jellysub is an HTTP service which sits between Subsonic-compatible clients and a Jellyfin server.


Clients tested with Jellysub:

Client Notes
Audinaut fully functional excluding playlists


Available in the following distribution channels:


The following environment variables may be used to configure Jellysub.

Name Description
JELLYSUB_HTTP_PORT Port to listen for HTTP requests on. (Default 4040)
JELLYSUB_UPSTREAM_URL URL of the Jellyfin server. Required.

Command line arguments may also be used. See jellysub --help for more information.


Both examples below start a Jellysub server on port 4040 and communicating with the Jellyfin server at


docker run \
    -p 4040:4040 \

Command Line

jellysub --upstream