Open Source Audible Manager
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A cross-platform desktop application for downloading and managing your Audible audiobooks.

Latest Binary Release

Download installers for Windows, Mac and Linux. (64bit)


More information is available at the project home page


  • Import audible books from your account
  • Convert to mp3 with all tags
  • Import (or Drag and drop) aax files directly into the app
  • Display all your books in searchable UI
  • Export web page/javascript file with all your books

And many more features have been added.

Important note about the source code

The source code linked in this repo is version 1.1.8, and is out of date. Please use the full binary versions. Many new features have since been added. Give it a try!

We use Install4J for our multi-platform installer builder.

Please use responsibly on content you have purchased and are legally authorized to access and backup.